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Sports Export Industries is one of the most recognized name in the manufacture and export of sports goods. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cricket equipments,athletic equipments, roller skates & carrom boards. The prominence that the company has assumed, among sports lovers, since it's inception in 1955, as started by R.L Gupta as green Bird & Co. which in turn later converted into Sports Export Industries. Owing to it's unwavering commitment to quality and exact suitability of it's sports items. Quality is not a mere word for the company but something that initiates a string of inspection covering every minute step of the production.
Our sound infrastructure enables us to churn out high-quality sporting goods. We owe our success to skilled & experienced work force who work diligently to complete our orders on time. The advanced tools and machines we have, are not just efficient in churning out quality sporting equipment but manufacturing them in huge numbers within a short time frame thus making the goods cost effective.
There is no substitute for our products as quality is our motto. We strive for obtaining the highest quality in our products. The products are manufactured under strict supervision in accordance with international quality methods. Our products give you value for money.

The company with its strong commitment to customer satisfaction, service and support has an endless list of clients from all over the world. We exported in all middleast countries and all african countries . currently we exported in Sri Lanks and try to fulfill customer from every aspect.Currently we are exporting to sri lanka. our turn-over is between Rs.1.5 crore to 2 crore. has been our endevour to fulfill customers need from every aspect..

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